Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wonderful Skin loving Goats milk and Shea Butter soaps

Wonderful Skin loving Goats milk and Shea Butter soaps! I LOVE goat’s milk soap!!!

My soap is made from goats milk, not the store stuff either…straight from a farm. I rebatch the goat’s milk soap and add all kinds of wonderful ingredients. It has a wonderful lather and is very gentle for all skin types. I have used this soap on my infants and highly recommend.. Now please remember that soap is soap and it does burn if it gets in your eyes.

It has a natural earthy/nutty scent to it. I use scents that blend with this scent. It natural color varies from a light tan to a medium brown. In the beginning I tried to add colors to my soap, well let’s just say they were not really pretty! So I now just work with its natural color, letting its natural beauty come through.

Here are the 3 new goat’s milk soaps in my shop.

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kim* said...

oh wow lovely soaps lovely photos

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