Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gift baskets

I finally put my gift baskets together!! Just in time for Mother's day! The a stuffed full of wonderful goodies for you skin.

Each basket contains:
4 soaps (each one is different, shaving soaps, massage soaps, luxury soaps....)
2 washcloths (one regular size and one facial mini)
2 lip balms
1 milk bath

The total items are over a $25 value (closer to $30)

I just love how the baskets turned out! not only are the full of pampering items, but they come in a beautiful gift basket. I found these little purse like baskets, but they weren't so cute.... nope they had the foamy strange flower thingys on the front. Pretty tacky, however I could see that they had potential.... I love how each basket is lined with material (that it what caught my eye). I bought them and ripped the thingys off, added my own embellishments and as you can see, they are now beautiful!

There is a little room in each basket, you can add more items (soaps, tea baths, flower shower puffs, jewelry, etc....) to them if you would like. Since they are being shipped in a flat rate box, there is room for more items in the box....I will refund any shipping on the other items.


motley boutique said...

These are sooo pretty.

Bridget said...

These are beautiful

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