Monday, March 30, 2009

Starlight Natural Soap

I just listed this beautiful soap.

I used a scent that reminds me of my childhood summer nights. We loved to star gaze~ looking for falling stars and satellites. The fresh smell of summer and earth lingering in the background. I opened the scent bottle and just fell in love with this scent. Great for both men and women.

The design of this soap was created by first curling soap (cutting very thin strips of soap that curl as you cut) layering the soap in your mold (I prefer loaf style~ cutting the soap shows off the curls). The last step is to pour the colored soap over the curls. If you pour to hot, the curls will melt and make a blurred effect.

The blue color I used did not turn out as dark as I was going for, however, as soap tends to surprise us sometime....It turned out very well.

1 comment:

Misty said...

This soap is gorgeous!

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