Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coconut Lime

I LOVE this photo! Oh and the smell of this soap is so yummy! Makes your mouth water smelling it! Definitely one of my best sellers!

I really enjoy photographing my items I sell. Love to try to capture their beauty and uniqueness. I do worry sometimes that people will see my photos and when their items comes....minus all the background items I use, they are disappointed.... Hopefully they are revived when they use it! :)

I have been asked many times what photo program do I use, lighting equipment and my techniques. What I have is very simple.....
  • I have an older digital camera~ 7 yrs old I have it on a high resolution and a setting that allows close ups
  • I use a dinner plate for the white back ground or a card stock paper
  • Background items are items found in my house
  • as for lighting.....good old sun! Morning or later after noon are my favorite.
  • As for the black background, it is the angle you take the photo into the light. I have a darker sage green in a room and with the afternoon sunlight, it creates a black/dark background.
  • I use Picasa. I am able to add a little light, sharpen details and crop if needed. I always keep the colors true to my items.

Pretty simple....just takes a lot of photos to get the right ones. Sometimes I have to take up to 20 to get the right shot.


Sara said...

When I started on Etsy I created a large homemade lightbox for everything that I photographed. It works so much better to just take a photo in natural light! And most of mine really need to be hanging on a wall to take a photo of, so all the extra equipment ended up being useless. :) Just a regular digital camera and a white wall. That's all I need!

Social Marketing Mama said...

just caught your tweet, love your blog! and you take very good photos...I still use my "antique" film camera from waaay back...lol, I love using it though.

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