Monday, August 10, 2009

Glass Soap

Here is another chance to win a free bar of soap! Come vote on your favorite soap and be entered into the contest!!

Why Glass?? I am a glass artist. I live and breath for my glass. It is my second love, my passion. The world just disappears when I light up my torch. I love brilliant colors and how paired with other colors they play off of each other. I selected my favorite color scheme at the moment (It changes as often as my moods!)..... purple and green.

The polka dots represents my "bubbly personality" quote from friends and family.
The black and white swirls on the back represents how I would like to see things. It is or it is not. However much to my demise, there are some gray areas no matter how hard you strive to eliminate them.

As for my gardening, I love flowers, so I decided to go with one of my favorite scents. Soothing lavender, jasmine and vanilla.

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